Tuesday, January 31, 2006

This is kinda late but....


Played firecrackers for 2 consecutive nights and hey Elinn Kong,i got smth for ya haha=p.The rest of the time was spent ZzZZzzzZZzz-ing and more ZzzzZzzzZzZzZzzzz-ing.I think i was in rags the whole time coz i was stuck in the house.Woah imagine if i had big panda eyes it will have been gone by now.

My little cousin is like the sweetest and smartest gal ever.RANDOM.

now evryone's like counting their hongbao $$$$$ received from relatives,rich-ness.
Mine's like all in Ringgits,except one,cool-ness.
A visit to the money changer will chop my Ringgits into half,poor-ness.