Monday, February 20, 2006

Am currently: indescribable

Beh beh was drunk yest.And she turned into this laughing machine and her face was as red as her adidas bag.I think if i was the driver i would have banged into a tree or something.Great driver arhs Kel.And MH recorded a min's worth of her laughter.Ringtones anybody?

Maybe i should go w em on sat and see beh beh aka laughing machine get high again.

Oh yea,have been watching alot of shows recently.I think i'm one of the few without 9-5 job.Owells.I've been watching

1.Saving Face - Very nice
2.Tipping the Velvet -Very very nice.Wooden/Leather dildo!-faints-
3.High Art -Sad
4.Brokeback Mountain-Gosh..=(
5.Show me love - yawns
6.The Neverending Story -OMG haha freakin old show!Coolest movie when i was young okay!HAHA anyone watched it too?
7.The Sisterhood of Travelling Pants -Sweet.
8.The L Word (now where's epi 7?)

Okay i think more than half of these shows are gay.=x

I still have

1.But i'm a Cheerleader
2.Inside Deep Throat
3.Pride and Prejudice
4.Lords of Dogtown
6.The Woodsman


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