Saturday, February 11, 2006

Back from my first Inno. camp!

Let's see..Was attached to Soffi,who taught me a lot of things for the first day,but she was unwell and had ta go home.Then i was attached to Idham,then Rozita helped abit,then Ismail,after which i was babandoned again for the last day.I'm the only one learning from so many trainers!

And for all the work i'm doing,i'm not paid.Hurs.

The campsite was over at Changi Coast Adventure Centre.Pretty cool and spacious site,it's new,not haunted as what CY experienced over at J.Bahtera.=P
And we get to see commercial airplanes passing by us before they land over at the runway.The kids will always go, 'SIA!','Silkair!' whenever a plane hovers pass us.And then the logo on the vertical stabilizer will show it's Tiger/Vietnam/Airasia airways,and everyone will go booo.

The kids from DYSS were known to be notorious,and my group had rawdy kids who won't listen.All you have to do is to give them tasks to lead the group,just to let them have something to do and not run away.They are NT kids who are discriminated in their school,so it's great to see them having a chance to prove themselves in the camp.They can do hell lotsa things,i tell you.Fearless!They can scramble up the wall in seconds,try out the stations without fail,though they may not want to co-operate when teamwork is required.

I want to deal with primary school kids!haha.

Oh yea,i learnt 5 thai words yesterday from my tuition kid.hurhur.And she's funny,i think she went for a camp recently,think was conducted by Inno as well.So when i said 'OK?',she went 'Alrite'.occupational hazard.