Friday, April 21, 2006

Of all the camps that i've done,the recent one was the suckiest ever.For now i can conclude,i don't like boys' school kids.Or maybe it's for that particular school.The boys are annoying,but too smart for their own good.They can't even take care of themselves or their belongings.Sure,they are packed for da camp,but when you ask them what they have brought,they will just go 'Oh i dunno,my mother pack one.'-_-".And OMG,one even brought a freaking pinkish umbrella.

AND AND,they have blardy problems with their bladder,and wanna pee everywhere during bkt timah hike.Like,wth?I'm here to watch you pee?!

I only like the mini tsunami on the second day.The campsite was flooded so badly that shoes were floating everywhere,and we tried to rescue one that was travelling downstream at 30km/h but failed.Owells.And it was a blessing,coz activities were stopped and i dun have to bother bout the annoying boys.The trainers dunked each other in the water,and i was hugged by whoever was wet coz i was hiding in the dorms with my buddy.Growls.

Seriously,the kids are annoying.
They make me get fatigue,flu and fever.For now,everything tastes bitter.=(