Sunday, October 29, 2006

50th love Little India and can't get enough of it.
First up was meeting up with CTTC and MH, and headed to Little India station to meet up with the rest.
8plus.And no one else turned up.

MH got upset and hungry.

After which she tried to eat me.I intended to zap my fats away but nevermind,i shall be honest.

Initially we were heading to an Indian restaurant,knowing that its Indian food CTTC ate food at home prior to our meetup,which resulted in him not being very hungry.There was a change of plans and i brought them to The French Stall instead.

Talk about not being HUNGRY.

Sucha clown.

And all the while he was busy stealing MH's Pork Loin (pronounced as Loh-o-in by The clown).Mine he cannot steal,coz he cannot eat.


The last stop was sightseeing at Mustafa (and we bought milk at Mustafa leh.Cool right.) coz MH have never been there.She wanna get us killed by saying all the wrong stuff.What if they know Chinese?
And here we were,@ The French Stall.Oh the chef talked to us!Friendly chap=)
Where's Azmi,Farhan,Farah,YH and all!

On a side note,i saw the cow that look like a dogdog that look like a cow again.The first time i saw was with Brenda and it was too dark to capture on cam.