Sunday, October 08, 2006

Digimart was one sucky sucky roadshow.Suntec has the ultimate air-conditioning system ever, or maybe its just me not being able to stand the cold. I was missing my heater throughout the day, the warmth and everything else=( .
Today was the last of the two day event,and i guess the most memorable thing today was this--->While defrosting in the toilet (my favourite, warmest place of all), i saw this old old woman washing her hands.Apparently the technology baffled her coz she tried to wash her hands under the sensor water tap and the sensor refused to acknowledge her hands. I washed my hands walked to the pull out paper towels thingy, looking at her washing her hands still,and kinda missed my grandma.SIGH.But anyways i saw her hands, dripping wet and all, and her other friends who were a lil younger asked her to take the paper towels. I just pulled the towels and went forward to give her coz she still looked confused.

AIYA, i just miss my grandma.=(