Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A day out to Ah Fu's Commisioning Parade!
We got stuck on the stupid shuttle bus and got bored coz we were the only 3 early birds on the bus.

pretty UNGLAM

with CY it's totally unglam.

Told you.

The parade begins!Not forgetting that we went in like close to 2 hrs earlyjust to sneak in.

The clever me managed to used MH's POWERFUL camera to spot AH FU!

The usual thing......

Bless you.


AH fu's smile never change,CY still look as unglam.Not that there isnt any glam pics.BUT we have decided against putting nice ones of him.

NICE ones of us girls can already=D

Then is dinner at Fish & Co,where we celebrated Farhan's birthday!Be touched!

MH forbid him to blow out the candles this way

this instead.

We were pretty irritated by the woman behind who talked non-stop.



That's why the fish tree will become bare.

And the fish drowned.

PS.Ah Fu is rich now.