Wednesday, March 21, 2007

2.00 tablets 3 times a day before meal.

I took ONE, how clever.
I don't feel like taking it anymore.
But it cost me 9.50 for the all the freaking medicine.

I cooked noodles for my sis and the guy who refuses to go home and hangs around like a pain in the ass.WTF, my mom is not a maid. And even if my sis doesn't have common sense and make you come in the middle of the night to help her out, it makes you even more stupid to have no common sense and agree.

My dad tried whacking sense into the guy but apparently he's a piece of wood.
Now he's not sleeping and has work tomorrow.
My mom is staying up just to watch over case my dad kills the both of them. And she don't get to sleep too.

And i don't even get to eat anything.
Not that i want to, after being their maid.