Friday, March 16, 2007

When i have nothing better to do,i pluck my nails.
I don't remember myself using nailcutter to cut my toenails.

I just plucked my toenails and i will always have a short moment of regret coz it'll turn out,well,UGLY.

I just remembered Eileen Fu called me up few days back, and she asked , "So what you want?"

She was asking me what i want for my birthday.

But i still don't know what i want, or rather, i don't quite like saying, knowing what i would probably be getting.
But then again that's the only way to ensure you don't get something you don't really like.

But i only know, i think my birthday is getting better and better.=)

Anyways i spent the past hours since i reached home sleeping, and waking up and spending more hours just to do this

If it looks like an elephant then i've passed.