Monday, May 28, 2007

I've been concussing before 12 midnight everyday, waking up early in the morning when there's no need to. There's so much things to do after coming back from Laos! Videos, pictures, travel diary...etc and i'm procrastinating big time.

More about Laos in another blog!Still in the process though.

Meanwhile, baby and i caught the opening of the Singapore Arts Festival on Friday night

We met Mr Sniff, a giant nose with two guys Bloom and Snoot who spoke non Earth language for they are from the other side of the universe.Mr Sniff goes around sniffing the scent of Earth while Bloom and Snoot went around spraying funny scents from their spray bottles!

La Fura dels Baus, to mark the festival opening!
The wheel stripped of its red cloth and hovered above the audience

Human bodies suspended like kebabs

Ending with showers of fireworks=)