Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Few days back, Poopsie was sending out lots of resumes.
Having nothing to do, i went to deposit my resume into various online job portals, and looked for interesting jobs they have to offer.

I applied for a job as weekend tour guide at a mushroom farm, which i went to not long ago. I only remember happily poking around at their mushrooms in the huge container tanks, listening to the lady telling us lots and lots of facts about the various mushrooms and ended up buying mushrooms for my mom.

Well, i got a call to go down to the mushroom farm.

Now perhaps, i can help identify what type(s) of mushrooms are growing on friends who claim that they are growing mushrooms due to long term hibernation at home.=D

At the same time, i got a call for working as event assistant at primary school swimming meet! I'm gonna work with Mufasa.ROAR.