Tuesday, July 31, 2007

NUS is so damn bloody cheapo!

will tell you why.soon.

A lil kitten was found today,
Helplessly crawling through the drain

We tried so hard to lift the damn drain cover
Only to find help from a China man.

Poor kitty got scooped out by Poopsie
And placed in a box courtesy of UNO.

Around Block 52 to find kitty's mommy
And panic attacks from the helpless squeals of kitty.

We found a family to bring kitty home
Only to find the mommy soon after kitty went home.

But mommy made kitty land in the drain
So be strong, for we chose to let you be with your new family.


Monday, July 30, 2007

A 2 Weeks' stint as a timekeeper

With kids all eager to win

Warming up all the way to the starting line.

Doodling boards.

Doodle partner. Well she drew my board like nobody's business.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

There's a 85 year old man who owns a studio apartment.

His wife departed from this world 8 years ago. He's still very depressed over the departure of his late wife.

Despite having personal shelter over his head, he stays in an old folks' home.


His son sends him back to his apartment on average once a week or none to retrieve mails and do his stuff in his own apartment.

But he's only allowed 30min each time.

Today he was granted 40 min.

"You know lah, boys these days are like that." He gave up any hope of being treated better.

When asked whether he owns any form of IT items in his apartment, he said "I have no use for such things already."

The last sentence which will leave one speechless:

"My friends are all gone already. I don't know why I'm still alive."

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The other day, I won tickets to watch La Vie En Rose (la Mome).

Now i got free tickets to watch Cashback!

Woohoo! I think I haven't paid for movie tickets since Surf's Up. Must be the luck of the lil Smudge. Or Pooopsie. Or Poopsie. Or me!

Sharon's eyes must be glaring right now! *runs*

Monday, July 23, 2007

Wadcha lookin at?!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

I think I'm stuck with work lately.


I've been concussing since dunno when, hardly touch my phone except well...for work.

I'm boring.
Sorry guys that I won't be joining for the sentosa trip.And I didn't know bout Sat's dinner! Was is impromptu?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hungry on a rainy Wednesday morning

Pooopsie is not afraid of us anymore! But it's very unhygienic, coz it placed its paws into the food bowl. Later bunny will eat contaminated food.=S.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

17th with a DUSTBIN!

You have changed, like I said.

now yoouuuu typeeeee in thissssss mannnnnnner.

and how, I hate.

Change of school, change of heart, change of boyfriend? Wow, you're the ching chiong cheena piang girl who tries to speak english to a non-english speaking Mum.

A round of applause.

*THE HAMSTER IS DYING since 12 midnight. I guess he/she will be leaving us soon.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

So recently my house area has three kittens and their mom. Yesterday night, we bumped into this man who also spotted the cat the day before and he was saying how he is from the cat welfare society and will bring the mother cat to be sterilized. Then he mentioned about adoption , for people will wanna adopt the kittens whilst they are still young and cute. And he said he got 20 cats at home and catches cats with cat trap and put them up for adoption. Which means my poor kittens will be separated! They haven't even recognize me yet!

So never mind, I told him I will take care of the cats and see how the adoption goes. Hope he doesn't do anything to separate the cats. GO AWAY MAN.

This is Pooopsie, with three Os to distinguish my poopsie and this one. It is very naughty and shoves the siblings away when they wanna eat.

The grey one is called Elinn.HAHAHA

This is Bunny. Karin you want it not? It's very skeptical and eat few secs already will run off each time a rustle is heard.

Poopsie is forever hogging to the food.

Their breakfast for today: Salmon and Chicken mix!

Posing for a group shot

Anybody wants to adopt one of them? Not so soon, they are very scared of us at the moment.

*Da bian neng, you wanna keep the black cat anot?

A lazy Saturday afternoon after a good meal of Whiskas.

He better not catch my cats away.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Don't wanna dictate my daily events, which lasts from morning till midnight.

Saw disabled swimming, which perhaps the egoistic able bodied dudes might not even care, for timing is everything; fastest time to the finishing line, fastest time to pee, fastest time to get into the MRT train, fastest time to get to school without being super late, and on and on and on.

House visits opened my sights to the unknowns of forgotten neighbourhoods. You'll wonder, what has GST package gotta do with these people? Is welfare money enough to eat beyond bread and kopi?

Days where time is not my own, except during sleep.

Tiring, but definitely enriching.

Who says only YEP trips and volunteer work to CHILDCARE centres are the only chance you'll get to reflect?

There's more than just LAOS.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Poopsie's big day.

Friday, July 06, 2007

So what if I'm a university student.

I feel like a bully.

I don't feel the love I need from home.

People used my things and say they did not.

I'm tired of the lies.

I've no time to call my own.

I love the little time I had in the library.

And you suffer with me.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I remember how I used to go to school feeling numb, hating to meet people on the way to school in the morning. I hate to pretend to be happy, but that was what I usually do the moment I step into the front gate of school.

I hate cane marks.

I used to have lots of them.

I hate how I'm so being kicked like a ball in the house. So what if I'm a University student? Yes I'm supposed to help, but not when help is DEMANDED.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

No longer the lil sis i used to know.

Disappointed.Really am.

I watched Transformers today!


I am upset.

Singaporeans in cinemas avoids each other like they suspect the other of having a deadly disease. The hall was free seating, and thus everybody chose their seats. The tickets were in pairs, so naturally, they would wanna sit together, right?


Hello, when you book seats online, they would have asked you to sit side by side.
Maybe they need the courtesy lions to be stuck on the cinema seats as a reminder.