Thursday, July 12, 2007

Don't wanna dictate my daily events, which lasts from morning till midnight.

Saw disabled swimming, which perhaps the egoistic able bodied dudes might not even care, for timing is everything; fastest time to the finishing line, fastest time to pee, fastest time to get into the MRT train, fastest time to get to school without being super late, and on and on and on.

House visits opened my sights to the unknowns of forgotten neighbourhoods. You'll wonder, what has GST package gotta do with these people? Is welfare money enough to eat beyond bread and kopi?

Days where time is not my own, except during sleep.

Tiring, but definitely enriching.

Who says only YEP trips and volunteer work to CHILDCARE centres are the only chance you'll get to reflect?

There's more than just LAOS.