Sunday, July 15, 2007

So recently my house area has three kittens and their mom. Yesterday night, we bumped into this man who also spotted the cat the day before and he was saying how he is from the cat welfare society and will bring the mother cat to be sterilized. Then he mentioned about adoption , for people will wanna adopt the kittens whilst they are still young and cute. And he said he got 20 cats at home and catches cats with cat trap and put them up for adoption. Which means my poor kittens will be separated! They haven't even recognize me yet!

So never mind, I told him I will take care of the cats and see how the adoption goes. Hope he doesn't do anything to separate the cats. GO AWAY MAN.

This is Pooopsie, with three Os to distinguish my poopsie and this one. It is very naughty and shoves the siblings away when they wanna eat.

The grey one is called Elinn.HAHAHA

This is Bunny. Karin you want it not? It's very skeptical and eat few secs already will run off each time a rustle is heard.

Poopsie is forever hogging to the food.

Their breakfast for today: Salmon and Chicken mix!

Posing for a group shot

Anybody wants to adopt one of them? Not so soon, they are very scared of us at the moment.

*Da bian neng, you wanna keep the black cat anot?