Friday, August 31, 2007

Click it, lovely muffins. By me=D

5 hours of Malay lessons today ZAPPED all my energy for the whole semester.

Selamat malam.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

24 frames, one story.

Our Ikimono cameras! Wenlin's is the unidentified animal that has green humps.HUMPS.
And Baby reserved two panda ones, hope it'll come soon.

meanwhile we'll have free ones to snap away=) 24 real and the rest are imagined.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

I'm really a sucker for surveys.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I almost had a heart attack just now. I had completely forgotten that the tutorial results are in today.

Till I checked my mail.

And I didn't write the class name on my timetable, so I had to refer to IVLE, then to timetable, than to mail, IVLE, timetable...........................

And I got....



Wednesday, August 15, 2007

School today.

And I finally got to eat Turkish ice cream!In SCHOOL.

And Brenda was amazed with this.

But all I wanted waas to take the whole stack of Popiah skins home=)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

another hour and I'll be heading to school. It's been 10000 years since I last stepped into school. It's normal, since JC days I never head to school during the holidays. I feel like a newbie now, though I'm in year 2. so many changes, I'm scared that i can't adapt. I'm feeling a lil lost without you around. the library is going to be my favorite hangout, though it's foreign to me now, heard the access system is different, i don't know, i shall see it for myself in 2 hours' time. there's a brand new canteen, i don't know who to eat with, though i will be making new friends, but these i can never share food with unlike you. wanting's in school but judging from the timetable we compared we will hardly see each other. but our jogging sessions is still on and i want to jog till my legs fall apart. my ideal timetable now allows me to have a 3 day week, hopefully I'll get that on Friday when i get my eyes crossed just by ranking tutorial choices. i wanna score well this semester not because of pride or ego, but there's the money waiting on the table, which might just allows me to do the things i want. i should be bathing now, my sugar roll will be my lunch, sweets for lecture, contact lens solution in case i can't see the Chinese words on the screen later. i will take a peep at the arts canteen, finally i won't go hungry but because i wanna slim down i think i shouldn't be sucha pig.

I'm going to bathe now.

bawling my hearts out, eyes closed. I must have looked hideous, though it was dark. tears flowing, wetting the pillow. you teared, droplets on my face. scared, you hugged me tight. felt so lousy, you convinced me that wasn't so. Calmed, got myself tired out with tears and sobbings. bet you were tired too. hugged ,I fall asleep in your arms.

You'll soon be mine after flying you back from AMERICA!

Cheers to Poopsie! Oh and your friend too.

Monday, August 13, 2007

501th Post.

With a new phone

1. I don't have to type till my right thumb swells and be double that of left.

2.I don't have to stare at the screen and only to realize I have to turn off and on my phone again so that message can be sent.

3.I don't have to be uber upset for a day when my inbox gets randomly WIPED OUT of all messages.

4.I don't have to be glum when I feel like taking photos but I can only see blobs of...PIXELS.

5. I don't have to turn my phone to silent mode 24/7 for fear a wiping out the batteries.


Thank you old trusty phone. 3 years is damn long.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

You know school's starting soon when

1. You start throw all your assets for your desired modules.

2. The school's asking you to pay money.

3. You see huge masses of people in all corners of Singapore with tin cans. (RAGFLAG)

4. Your school email which was relatively stagnant for the past few months started to flood with messages, especially regarding your MODULES and LECTURE NOTES. Man, it's time to check your mail daily AGAIN.

5. The Deck is finally opening, right smack on the day school starts. It's a trap to lure us to school. But hey, there's gonna be BURGER KING!!!! Mac will be so yesterday. BOO ***** shites!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Prawn fishing last night till 2AM in the morning was damn fun!

Except we didn't catch anything for close to 2 hours. Our faces were damn sad and Sharon started talking to the (nonexistent) prawns in the greeny water.

It was only after a young malay couple who taught us the technique and each of us started catching ONE prawn. We were like bimbos cheering for joy each time one of us caught the first prawn. What to do, first catch after 2 hours you know.

The result of the catch was a miserable


Well, one ran away.Must be because Poopsie screamed

"SO SMALL??!!"

It was her first catch and she scolded the scrawny prawn.No wonder it ran off.And everyone turned to look at Poopsie.

Owells. I'm determined to catch back 1/2 kg of prawns. And one rod to be shared amongst 3 of us is definitely not enough, cause I will be wanting the rod and catch more prawns.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Taking up 3 jobs over a month is a killer. My feet started giving problems. Thanks to all the walking around Toa Payoh neighborhood.

Off to My Foot reflexology yesterday to give my poor sore and aching feet a treat! There are a few outlets, and I chose the one at Forum, thinking it might be quieter. Sure enough, it was quiet and I was the last customer. Esther (the one who did the foot reflex) was kind enough not to close the shop and waited for me=D. Since she was so nice, I went for back massage as well. I paid for 20 min worth of that, but she ended up giving me a full one instead. Sweet huh, but I felt a 'lil guilty.

Check out their website=)

*Poopsie was bad. She said if the therapist can't hear (Coz My Foot reflexology hires the disabled), what if you're in pain and the person just continue? And she broke up in an infectious laughter which got me and my sis to start laughing (At POOPSIE, not coz what she said ok!)

Oh alternate Sundays will be spent on mushroom farm. It's a love/ hate matter actually, having to wake up on a Sunday MORNING and handle customers who keeps poking at the mushrooms in the growing houses as well as the packagings, or get to buy mushrooms back home, with staff discount and getting to select your own mushrooms! And I took the humongous ones=D


I bought home white oysters, huge and white and....yummy. Poopsie said I took damn a lot.

Yummy! Later I'll be having them for dinner.

Last month, I went to sell mushrooms at a RC mini flea market at a HDB void deck in AMK. It was a Sunday morning, and 3 gay guys strutted passed in their mini FBT looking shorts, and tees. Oh man, they were like cat walking.

Upon looking at the mushrooms on display, one commented to the other guy, "OOOOO! Mushrooms! We can buy some back you know. We can have FUNGHI PARTY!!!!" in his high pitch tone.

The other guy said that they were heading out later for dinner, how to buy mushrooms.
The Funghi party guy said, "Aiyah, ask them to come over lah!!! Then we can have funghi party!'

His legs were crossed whilst standing all the while.
Gay boys on a Sunday morning.
Three of them. *wonders*


Monday, August 06, 2007








A thousand words.
One feeling.

Friday, August 03, 2007

So NUS now isn't gonna issue hardcopy bills for the semester; we need to print it ourselves and go PAY UP.

Save the trees, use our money, never save the trees in the end.
(Think kukus who print in font 15, one sided page each.)

My dad was saying that schools will have subsidised rates like dental fees, which I assured him that it won't be the case in NUS. And I told him about the new system for payment of fees, he said,

They don't print means don't need pay loh.

Crazy, later they take away my bursary I die.

I never assault Poopsie.
I'm the victim!