Tuesday, August 14, 2007

another hour and I'll be heading to school. It's been 10000 years since I last stepped into school. It's normal, since JC days I never head to school during the holidays. I feel like a newbie now, though I'm in year 2. so many changes, I'm scared that i can't adapt. I'm feeling a lil lost without you around. the library is going to be my favorite hangout, though it's foreign to me now, heard the access system is different, i don't know, i shall see it for myself in 2 hours' time. there's a brand new canteen, i don't know who to eat with, though i will be making new friends, but these i can never share food with unlike you. wanting's in school but judging from the timetable we compared we will hardly see each other. but our jogging sessions is still on and i want to jog till my legs fall apart. my ideal timetable now allows me to have a 3 day week, hopefully I'll get that on Friday when i get my eyes crossed just by ranking tutorial choices. i wanna score well this semester not because of pride or ego, but there's the money waiting on the table, which might just allows me to do the things i want. i should be bathing now, my sugar roll will be my lunch, sweets for lecture, contact lens solution in case i can't see the Chinese words on the screen later. i will take a peep at the arts canteen, finally i won't go hungry but because i wanna slim down i think i shouldn't be sucha pig.

I'm going to bathe now.