Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Prawn fishing last night till 2AM in the morning was damn fun!

Except we didn't catch anything for close to 2 hours. Our faces were damn sad and Sharon started talking to the (nonexistent) prawns in the greeny water.

It was only after a young malay couple who taught us the technique and each of us started catching ONE prawn. We were like bimbos cheering for joy each time one of us caught the first prawn. What to do, first catch after 2 hours you know.

The result of the catch was a miserable


Well, one ran away.Must be because Poopsie screamed

"SO SMALL??!!"

It was her first catch and she scolded the scrawny prawn.No wonder it ran off.And everyone turned to look at Poopsie.

Owells. I'm determined to catch back 1/2 kg of prawns. And one rod to be shared amongst 3 of us is definitely not enough, cause I will be wanting the rod and catch more prawns.