Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Taking up 3 jobs over a month is a killer. My feet started giving problems. Thanks to all the walking around Toa Payoh neighborhood.

Off to My Foot reflexology yesterday to give my poor sore and aching feet a treat! There are a few outlets, and I chose the one at Forum, thinking it might be quieter. Sure enough, it was quiet and I was the last customer. Esther (the one who did the foot reflex) was kind enough not to close the shop and waited for me=D. Since she was so nice, I went for back massage as well. I paid for 20 min worth of that, but she ended up giving me a full one instead. Sweet huh, but I felt a 'lil guilty.

Check out their website=)

*Poopsie was bad. She said if the therapist can't hear (Coz My Foot reflexology hires the disabled), what if you're in pain and the person just continue? And she broke up in an infectious laughter which got me and my sis to start laughing (At POOPSIE, not coz what she said ok!)

Oh alternate Sundays will be spent on mushroom farm. It's a love/ hate matter actually, having to wake up on a Sunday MORNING and handle customers who keeps poking at the mushrooms in the growing houses as well as the packagings, or get to buy mushrooms back home, with staff discount and getting to select your own mushrooms! And I took the humongous ones=D


I bought home white oysters, huge and white and....yummy. Poopsie said I took damn a lot.

Yummy! Later I'll be having them for dinner.

Last month, I went to sell mushrooms at a RC mini flea market at a HDB void deck in AMK. It was a Sunday morning, and 3 gay guys strutted passed in their mini FBT looking shorts, and tees. Oh man, they were like cat walking.

Upon looking at the mushrooms on display, one commented to the other guy, "OOOOO! Mushrooms! We can buy some back you know. We can have FUNGHI PARTY!!!!" in his high pitch tone.

The other guy said that they were heading out later for dinner, how to buy mushrooms.
The Funghi party guy said, "Aiyah, ask them to come over lah!!! Then we can have funghi party!'

His legs were crossed whilst standing all the while.
Gay boys on a Sunday morning.
Three of them. *wonders*