Thursday, September 27, 2007

I went to the doctor's today after dragging it for so long bout my eye.

Well nobody saw the urgent need for me to see a doctor.

Dr Ting was friendly, and she's new. Well she's old but loud and sharp, not like those that goes 'Er, I think it's a sprain la (shoves you some paper teaching you how to have good posture)'.

Think NUS.

Anyways she mentioned about some abrasion cum scarring and that my eye might go blind and should never wear contact lens. She got louder when speaking about me wearing contacts at such a early age. I wanted to say got ten thousand people wore in secondary schools. Anyways the conclusion was that I can't wear contacts for now. Sigh.

So now I can be a nerd.

On my way home, I saw two blind person alight at the stop I was at. A male and a female. They were happy, spoke a mixture of English and Mandarin. I sat beside them, wondering how am I gonna be if I go blind.

Anyways the eye drops sucked like hell.ARGH.