Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm getting panic attacks from all the readings UNREAD.

Anyways, meet Bulby.

A mutated shitake which landed into my SPAGHETTI. HEH.

And trip to Msia yesterday was messy, but we got ourselves some stuff, Poopsie got herself a HUGE something (check her blog) ,get to drive the car in Johor, and we lugged back a good 12 pieces of good 'ole Dunkins.

And shopping at Terbrau City was awesome, though the time was limited. I wanna go back and check out the mini kids' area. It's like 'ole skool play area which existed eons ago in Singapore.

SEE! And on the bottom right is...

MIAN BAO CHAO REN! The colour is just like LI NENG (MIAN BAO CHAO TA REN)!