Sunday, November 11, 2007

Finally I'm blogging something!
I'm waiting for Poopsie to buy food for me coz I'm stuck at her place for two days already.
Well it's a hiding place for me to finish up my essay, which I completed just now, but haven't edit.

And in between I'm hooked on this jetstar promotion thing going on which you have to play a brain killing game and get into the Hall of Fame to get air tickets.

Tell you, I play until my eyes are blurry and threaten to drop out.

Okay kidding.

I keep getting kicked out of the Hall of Fame dammit.

And there was this person, who identify herself as kitty princess on the chart

It got me into this mission to get my name on top of MISS KITTY PRINCESS.

Poopsie suggested to write my name as KILLKITTYPRINCESS if we won.

But I'm scared, later they don't count my try cause I have killer intention how? Later kitty princess kill me how?


I'M NOW THE TOP ONE OKAY. After ten thousand tries.