Sunday, December 02, 2007


Everyday there's people telling me, 'Yay it's my last paper!' or 'I think who who who/ a lot of people finish exams already leh'

Bugger. I end damn late can.

Anyways some doctors are complete nutcase.

Me: Hi I need to get a prescription for mefloquine, but I don't remember the dosage.

Nutcase doc: Mefloquine ah... I don't know, I have to check (takes out book of medicine stuff from the shelve)

*Reads and ask me where I go with who and where*

*closes book*

Nutcase doc: There are a lot of ways to take it lah, it says there are many ways, I'm not going to tell you how you just read the paper in the box later

Me: But you have to write a prescription because the clinic don't hold the medicine

Nutcase doc: Is it? How many you need? You later read yourself lah.

Me: Yah, and I need essential medicine for travel

Nutcase doc: What you need?

Me: I only know fever and diarrhoea, what else you recommend?

*Nutcase doctor ignore me and write what I want only. Issues THIRTY pills for each I requested*

Nutcase doc: I'm not going to tell you what you need lah hor, I give you what you say the rest you get the stuff from that country lah.

*stamps his name and throw on the freaking messy table*

Later the nurse was horrified at the prescription and changed it to my usual coz that stupid doctor prescribed everything that the clinic doesn't carry. He wanted to write more prescription to make me buy those pills he listed at the pharmacy. CRAZY

I think patients can die under his diagnosis, he even said 'whatever lah' when the nurses asked him questions on why he want to do this/ that.

Luckily he is just a relief old stupid doctor. But man, it spoils the clinic image.

Bye my exams ARE NOT OVER.