Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'm back.

Well a couple of days ago actually. And I keep losing track of the day and time cause I hardly check that when I was overseas.

So many things have happened when I wasn't around. Looking at the behaviour of my siblings, sometimes I do wonder if I was like that many years back. It's interesting how the inner rebel emerges and engulf you like a fiery ball, making you lose sight of many things, turning you into a angsty fool. And it's interesting how, I'm standing on the line, watching and able to make accurate judgements. I guess I might have found inner peace, haha.

But they definitely are more fortunate than they think they are, cause to be honest the I bear most of the brunts last time. I'm thankful that what happened last time didn't evolved into a hatred towards my parents.

On a side note, I think I've learnt so much over the backpacking trip with Poopsie.

And Mr Lim Jun An, my mom says you're a good boy. I'm amused that you never talk also can win my mom's favour.

Love is blind, Good girls like faggots and drinkards.

But I'm having FAITH in my siblings. Time is the only think I'm looking at day by day, hoping for things to change for the better.

And I know since my dad is away for tonight, they might just seize the chance to hang out late. Owells.

Anyways, since my mom was dumped at home today, I asked her to go Chinatown with me on the pretext of accompanying me to buy things, cause she will just say no if it's just to go out for nothing much.

And so we ate , walked and eat again, and went to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum.

On the roof level, the Vairocana Buddha Prayer Wheel inside

Well the BTRTM is sure grand, with so much effort placed in the whole construction. But to me, it sure seems a little touristy with gift shops at the back of the temple. Well, there's no admission fees though, like what we experienced in Laos.

Inside the museum on level 3 I think, I still don't know what the ritual was for. By the way, my mom also don't know whats it though she's doing it. HAHA.

I didn't have the time to slowly digest the information inside BTRTM, cause my mom will just see and go and I can't offer knowledge on all these like my Dad. Next time perhaps.

And travelogue on our trip soon on wordpress I promise! (Poopsie also promise)