Friday, December 28, 2007

It's the 3rd day of Christmas! Which means my post now is still valid. 12 days of christmas what, I haven't got my present from VIP yet, think her raindeers lost their way to AMK Street 52.

So anyways the first exchange was on Christmas eve with Poopsie and gang. We were supposed to make anonymous requests on Huimei's blog and wait for takers. So I chose a dollhouse. But I don't play barbie dolls okay, I just like dollhouse, preferably handmade, cause I recognize the effort more than anything else ultimately.

So Qinlei took up the offer and gave me vouchers in the end. Upset.

Then something appeared after the gift exchange
Which to be honest took me by surprise cause initially I was eyeing Qinlei's load she brought when she reached and saw a puny bag.

Got bluffed. hmph.

My dollhouse is stuck at Poopsie's house cause no safe ways to transport them yet. And someone stole my rocking horse from the dollhouse.=(


AND yesterday night was spent catching cats for sterilisation. Since Pooopsie showed up, we decided to catch him. Well it was easy at first, but somehow things went wrong and he ran out of the cage. That scaredy boy. But he gave in to temptation of food in the end, so lousy.

James helped us keep at his place for the night, and this morning off he went to Mt Pleasant, which I don't think was that pleasant.

So this was scaredy Pooopsie at the medical centre. Keep crying , whining, talking non-stop.

He now has a clipped ear and TATTOO ok. Don't play play.

We still have Bunny and Elinn to sterilise, this time round we decided not to get free vouchers so they'll probably get better treatment.(HAHA pooopsie sounds like a guinea pig now). 20 something bucks, donations anyone?