Saturday, January 05, 2008

I used to think that Japanese restaurants like Sakae offers not that bad food. But a trip to this small little restaurant hidden in Far East Plaza is guaranteed to change your mind altogether!

Having heard bout it from some random blog, I brought Poopsie along with me! Now she's stilll salivating over the sushi; she drooled on me last night.
This small little restaurant sits only 16 people. Nobody will welcome you and get you a seat, and definitely no reservations to be made or else the amount of people forming the thousand mile queue will surely bash you up.

First up was the appetizer, which i don't know what it was.

Poopsie was against ordering a 5 bucks Chawanmushi, but got tempted by the two ladies happily eating it opposite us so we ordered. The egg literally MELTS in your mouth can.

Poopsie's favorite Tekka maki. I've never eaten such a huge piece of fish in maki before.

The salmon head and vegetables in miso gravy has a huge mountain of vegetables in it, those kind that Poopsie don't really fancy. But this was her order, but she likes the soup though.

Wakame udon set. Ok lah, no comments..just..udon.

But the best part about the set I ordered was that it comes with sushi mix! Super super super fantastic. The nigiri sushi was a thick slice of fish over the small little blob of rice; the rice gets eaten up first and the fish remains in your mouth! Usually it's the other way around; the puny piece of fish gets swallowed in seconds and you ate more rice than anything else.

Try dipping the fish into the sauce and you can see the oily layer forming on the soy sauce; placing it in your mouth sends you to heaven. Poopsie face was something like that.

And I was immediately forgotten.