Thursday, February 28, 2008

To know.....

Am I worth the change.

Monday, February 25, 2008

previous post was...555th.

maybe i'll hit 1313 someday.
or 1717
or 3333.

okay stupid.

Im thinking of romantic drama mama situations that, in my opinion, doesn't really happen (at least to me) in real life. Yes, I like to dream of it but when I snap away and bring myself back to reality, it's the same ole shit.

I tried reading today, I only got past a few sentences.
Hello hello, am I ok?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Reasons will not lead to solutions, solutions need no reasons.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sunday was a blast! Fantastic organiser lah Liting, and Poopsie baby was so cool with the game. Heh she "saved" me. Wah so mushy. I fear for my 21st man.

Saturday was our date away from the Vday smooching crowd, and away from town, at the French stall.
And I had my first foie gras okay, damn nice la, though I don't know what's the standard, but the dish was to our liking=)

And it was our starters, perfect start to a romantic dinner eh?

Poopsie's steak, forgot the name of the dish though, but I ate up most of her potatoes. I love the way they do their potatoes!

My braised duck leg with foie gras bits. Heh.

With wine, and tiramisu to wrap the whole dinner up!=)

We went Mustafa after that, and my poor bean dropped in the toilet and it broke my phone's fall. My savior, but I can't hang it anymore since it broke. So Poopsie bought me a HUGE one:

YAY new bean=)

Right now Bibu is sleeping with Bibu Junior. That's the name of my pink bear ok=)

Thursday, February 14, 2008


ok I just won one of the FIVE passes to this ANIMATION NIGHT at *scape, and it's going to be showing HAPPY FEET and TMNT. I sent the email on the deadline date.

I'm gonna get scolded from being heng.

Now the amusing part is ....

Collection Time: Mon-Fri, 10pm-6pm by this week please!

2. Bring your IC with you. We wanna be able to identify you!

3. Come down to our hideout at...

Youth Division
512 Thomson Road,
#15-00 MCYS Building
Singapore 298136

I think that's Poopsie's workplace.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I just used one pair of my free movie ticket to watch Sweeny Todd recently.

And then this landed in my mailbox just now

But never mind, I keep the ticket passes after my sis watches. It's nice.

Some illegal box landed at my doorstep and I had to put my name and IC to get it.

So I did.
And this illegal fella came from OHIO.

I have a secret admirer for this VDAY.
Email add on the paper shows

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Life's a bitch when

People come to you when they want something from you
Their 'oh I'm so pretty, please help me and I'm very nice to you' shitface.

You get scolded for nothing
You get words hurled at you like 'STUPID' 'FUCK YOU' "CHEEBYE'

I should say,


My New Year Greetings.

So now my dream is to
Get rich, go somewhere with Bibu, have fun, and have no sorry arseholes coming to beg for help.


Happier side, I won $$$ from gambling. First time gambling so much despite my base being very miserable (SGD) and nobody will bet with me if I put ringgit.

So maybe one day I can donate money to you you you and go ahead, wipe your arse with it coz its peanuts to me by then.