Sunday, February 10, 2008

Life's a bitch when

People come to you when they want something from you
Their 'oh I'm so pretty, please help me and I'm very nice to you' shitface.

You get scolded for nothing
You get words hurled at you like 'STUPID' 'FUCK YOU' "CHEEBYE'

I should say,


My New Year Greetings.

So now my dream is to
Get rich, go somewhere with Bibu, have fun, and have no sorry arseholes coming to beg for help.


Happier side, I won $$$ from gambling. First time gambling so much despite my base being very miserable (SGD) and nobody will bet with me if I put ringgit.

So maybe one day I can donate money to you you you and go ahead, wipe your arse with it coz its peanuts to me by then.