Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sunday was a blast! Fantastic organiser lah Liting, and Poopsie baby was so cool with the game. Heh she "saved" me. Wah so mushy. I fear for my 21st man.

Saturday was our date away from the Vday smooching crowd, and away from town, at the French stall.
And I had my first foie gras okay, damn nice la, though I don't know what's the standard, but the dish was to our liking=)

And it was our starters, perfect start to a romantic dinner eh?

Poopsie's steak, forgot the name of the dish though, but I ate up most of her potatoes. I love the way they do their potatoes!

My braised duck leg with foie gras bits. Heh.

With wine, and tiramisu to wrap the whole dinner up!=)

We went Mustafa after that, and my poor bean dropped in the toilet and it broke my phone's fall. My savior, but I can't hang it anymore since it broke. So Poopsie bought me a HUGE one:

YAY new bean=)

Right now Bibu is sleeping with Bibu Junior. That's the name of my pink bear ok=)