Friday, May 02, 2008


It's good cause Poopsie don't have to work, bad for those who had to at Ikea. We went for breakfast at Poopsie's Mom's stall and her Mom tried to bluff me that there's no more chee cheong fun, which was my intention of going there for! My motivation and I'm the biggest fan.

Oh then there's Ikea. Sale starts today! As usual, I bought the most items in the end, and redeemed this Semla which had Almond and Poopsie got bluffed and tried and want to vomit. I only have issues with almond drink.

After which was....super nice day out with Poopsie=D

That's all! Just thought it's was a good day out.

Now just to post, my flight's on 11th May, think it's about 2pm afternoon. Sorry Sharon, I know I anyhow tell you that it's 11 close to midnight, but that's the transit flight. Now you know!=)