Monday, June 30, 2008

Here goes another:

It was hot dog free for all day for employees. We are determined to eat lots of them since they offer us so little $.

This Maira never fail to irritate me. But she's teaching me Spanish because....she's Columbian?

Random group shot .
I forgot about this. haha.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Random shots:

Niagara Falls


Rock and roll


Little pathetic aquarium in niagara state park

Poor penguins

Vintage tin

which became a pride tin filled with badges, flag, condoms , lubes, stickers.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It has been more than a month, and now that the schedule's are so sucky that I slack more than I earn , i shall post pictures at random of what I've done over the month.

I've been receiving parcels and mail and Bibu is getting so mushy, sweet and romantic. Custom made M&Ms!

First baseball match at Cleveland.

Which is Cleveland Indian's homeground

This is Dave and Lil Brittany. My host family who brings us around sometimes and I go to church almost every Sunday since.
That's Becky,Brit's mom.

Night view at Cleveland.
Awesome pancakes at Dianna's deli introduced by Dave and Becky. Which sent me and Xiaotian back 3 times last week for more awesome food.
Like Veal cordon Bleu. As if it's not huge enough, the whole set came with
Chicken noodle soup
and huge plate of salad with italian dressing at the side. It made us bloat up like pregnant moms.

Adventurous walk around Sandusky which took us a couple of hours. Shortcut though the tracks.

Salvation army with vintage things which can cost a bomb in Singapore. If i have a plane I will fly all these back, especially the checkered lamp.
Polaroid for 4.99 which I picked up almost immediately. Am gonna search for more neat stuff at garage sales.

View of Cedarpoint where I worked from main downtown Sandusky.
Me with Brit

I hate Subway now because of Potbelly

Amazing Chicago

I volunteered to get sent home so that I can hitch a ride, get on the bus to cleveland for this.
It may seem long, but hey we got to stand in the front. Nobody fights with you anyways.
The stage with downtown cleveland across the river as the backdrop

Ignore the pseudo death cab fan on the right. He likes Jay Chou. TSK.


While waiting at the back alley after 11 pm to nearly 1 or 2 pm and only Nick appeared.

These two amazing guys entertained us while waiting and we bought their album for 5 bucks. They really made a lot of effort on the album design and all. Find them at

Morning train from Cleveland back to Sandusky. And we had to work 5 hours later
But that didn't stop us from hitting Dianna's for breakfast before getting back.

Niagara Falls in less than 12 hours' time, and pride parade on Saturday! Can't wait.

Friday, June 06, 2008

CHICAGO. where there's not many cellulite infested people, better dress sense , and CIVILIZATION.

Best meal ever since I'm in US. Worth every single bucks and tips. I believe in pampering myself!

And I've lost like 8 pounds. I only know it's 4-5kg. Bye bye love handles! But now I can't wear my bottoms without struggling to hold it up. Belt's getting useless cause I need more holes. ARGH.