Monday, October 27, 2008

Celebration of ethnicity

It's been a long while since Bibu and I have gone anywhere other than my house for dinner. Weekday is work for her and weekend is work for me so basically, all we need everyday was well basically, ZZZzzss. So on Saturday we decided to GO OUT and EAT. As it was early, we decided to try Dallas Chicken for a sample of their CHICKEN, so that we can have a challenge on their buffet promotion next time. Not wanting heavy meat stuff again, we decided on Sawasdee Thai, beside Chinatown food centre, where the ladies keep speaking thai and more thai. Then there was an impromptu visit to the Hindu temple, where pigeons sleep with the statues. And random nice man offered to share his food from the temple, sweet rice, not bad, especially having tried the POWER dessert at Khansama, this was no kick. And then drinking water from the water cooler outside a mosque, which wraps up our day.

We embrace everbody.

But I am a bad person. Helping people behind their back isn't such a good thing. Unless I am super optimistic. SERIOUSLY. I don't know what to say already. This is going off topic.