Thursday, October 09, 2008

Part time this, part time that

Come to think of it...

I'm a part time student who has a part time job in the zoo, and on the look for more part time nonsense to do.

Seriously, the horrible competitiveness with the non-females in my cohort makes me not wanna study. Grades are important but not for comparison purpose. Damn, they do make me feel stupid sometimes.

Competitive nature used to be strong in me, not now.


Anonymous said...

We are STRONGER than yesterdays...
Erh... What have I just said.
Anyway, I miss you guys.


Anonymous said...

i couldnt find a tag board anywhere in this blog!


i just want to put my footprint here. (and no! i am not leaving any choking smell lingering around ur blog"

hohoho you market girl!