Sunday, November 30, 2008

SLR cheap cheap, Hokkaido milk not cheap

Flea Fly Flo Fun was nice, Elinn and I spent $10 bucks each to share a Canon SLR. The task now is to clean up the damn camera. And hope that it works so that we are not cheated.

We got that cheap deal but busted our money on Japanese food. Because we are not very rich, the four of us shared this:

Hokkaido milk 1 litre. For the price we can buy perhaps 2-3 Meiji milk. But! It's damn goooood. Maybe Hokkaido cow different.

Then the concert was not too bad, I don't like Singapore Idol 2 (Insert name). Argh.
Okay but I love Hossan Leong and Dim Sum Dollies with Fly's favorite Pontianak and Singapore girl. Watch this:

Friday, November 28, 2008

Victoria Secret videos

Victoria Secret fans you better check out nice nice videos....

on the right.
Don't get high on the com.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happening on Saturday

On the wall, a photography showcase cum bazaar. Worth checking out at Old School,Mount Sophia,2-10pm!

And I won a pair of tickets to the World Aids Day concert, Fort Canning, 7.30pm-10pm=)

Flea Fly Flo Fun, at Home Club, 4pm-10pm. It's an indie flea market, sounds pretty awesome.

And Bibu and I can have a nice Saturday out. And little shopping at flea markets.=)=)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Won't it be nice

Won't it be nice to see the sun, feel the sun, breathe the sun?
Not Singapore's beaches though, oh but sentosa maybe.

This is physical geography for me.
Damn, I'm so bored.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Some people are soooo stupid.

I am fine with hanging around with friends i know who smoke and chill out with them. Provided they don't blow the smoke in my direction la, considerations please.

Now I'm at book cafe, there's two girls who can't find seats at the designated smoking area, and settled down near me. They are so fucking irritating, shifted the standing fan and blow it around them, thus circulating the smoke around them to EVERYWHERE.


I shall report to the staff if they light up yet ANOTHER cigarette. I'm dying.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Come and go Come and go

The days passes over , and sometimes I feel like the time passed wasn't spent well enough.
By well enough, I mean doing the things I WANT TO DO.
Which doesn't include studying.

And it upsets me a little, to sometimes remember that we are not travelling for this semester break. Which has been the norm for us most of the time. Then I have to make myself happy that we are conceptualizing plans for our future and we can travel everywhere and help people and leave our footprints in every continent. Can't wait.

Why i can't find the song to post for Bibu. Ok next time.

Monday, November 10, 2008

I don't really like the chatbox, chatterbox, chatchat, all these talking boxes.

I'm trying out something, there's a comment option available, underneath the end of every post, it's the day and date hyperlink. Still wondering why it's there, but just so you know.

So yes, there's an avenue to start comment/chatting.

Spoka! I will get you!

Bibu is not very happy that some green frog has her bolster cloth.
But I'm actually more concerned about trotting down to IKEA again......
To get my SPOKA!!!!! Pls pls don't be sold out. But the irritating thing is the cloth isn't the same as other countries'. GRr.

And this old colonial squash court is super cool. I was imagining the whole time those British playing squash in short shorts. Maybe their squash rackets are made with wooden frame.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Oh, Obama

This is probably the first time I read more about US elections then any other. Enough to notice that Obama became skinnier as the campaign went on for 21 months. Well, this is probably the most exciting, and heartwarming change. On CNA, one China student said Obama might restrict trade and this will hurt China, the other one went on to highlight that Obama is non-white. Their comments are a bit childish and racist.

And my lecturer was so happy that she disappeared in the midst of our discussion today at 1pm, only to come back with photocopied notes and an outburst of "Obama won!" (arm stretches in the air). For that moment, we were too shocked and got jolted out of our sleepy mode because the tutorial had a dry boring start.

Oh I found my prof in a Tattoo facebook group. That's too cool.

See what I mean. Anyways, I think the Tattoo Show will be awesome.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Big Walk and great steal

Humans. It was a Big Slow Walk today.

But nevertheless, it was a good change from the usual sleep in Sundays. And right smack on the day before the submission of a very agonizing paper, I need to get out and breathe first before I resume the pain of making the CONCEPTUAL LEAP.

Bibu snapped this very fast. A star cloud which soon flew away and disintegrated.

In my opinion, it's amazing how MM Lee had this vision 20 yrs back and BOOM! Marina Barrage pops up, a vision come true.

And I love this. Don't you think it has a pair of eyes? It's like, SAKAI the roller.

And the final thing I did today, was to collect these tickets. A lot lesser than the price stated. YAY!!!!