Monday, November 03, 2008

Big Walk and great steal

Humans. It was a Big Slow Walk today.

But nevertheless, it was a good change from the usual sleep in Sundays. And right smack on the day before the submission of a very agonizing paper, I need to get out and breathe first before I resume the pain of making the CONCEPTUAL LEAP.

Bibu snapped this very fast. A star cloud which soon flew away and disintegrated.

In my opinion, it's amazing how MM Lee had this vision 20 yrs back and BOOM! Marina Barrage pops up, a vision come true.

And I love this. Don't you think it has a pair of eyes? It's like, SAKAI the roller.

And the final thing I did today, was to collect these tickets. A lot lesser than the price stated. YAY!!!!