Saturday, January 24, 2009

Off to a placewhere $$=1/2=RM

I like travelling to Msia. Honestly, as much as I travel to Malaysia often, I don't know much about the geographical layout of the states.

But basically, I just hate going to places I don't like. Like right now, I'm going to leave at night to Msia for CNY. A place where I don't really like.

I want to travel to the Northern States of Malaysia and notice the Thai influences on traditional dances. Or food. Or whatever.

I want to travel to Malacca. But I figured their technology is still not very advanced because damn, I can't contact the guesthouse person. But I thought of riding on the convenience of going to Msia for CNY and CALL THEM from Msia itself. So I won't have to pay a single cent/sen!

Balek Kampung. But I finally cancelled my Msian citizenship. So stop laughing at me already.