Monday, January 12, 2009

When economy gets bad

School starts today! And I'm still not sleeping..

Wan Ting told me that our history mod is flooded with NINE announcements. And somebody so kan chiong spider alerted the lecturer about errors on IVLE stuffs. Shits, got KS people.

Anyway, when the economy gets bad, the society shows signs and symptoms of its early onset. Petty thefts are everywhere, even for the simplest things. And you will see people trying to con kind hearted souls into donation money by deliberately making themselves look helpless, soliciting donations.

That was what happened to us today. A man came with a walking stick and plastic box in Chinatown asking us for $$. My policy, learnt from looking at even poorer people from other countries, is that I will never donate to an individual just because he/ she appears poor, shabby, homeless. Who knows, they might just be managed by a syndicate, and money donated doesn't go to them? Or they are individuals who are perfectly normal but pretend they are not?

My policy is: I will only offer to fill your stomach and make you feel okay if you are poor, begging on the street and have nothing to eat.

In this case, the man walked very fast and passed us down the street. We rejected him a couple of minutes before we left our dinner table. He tried his luck on a group of people again, showing his "trembling" arm. He failed. We walked behind him and I think his arm was just an act. Guess what, he straightened his arm, the walking stick seemed useless except aid his tired legs from conning people, and used his "trembling" arm to support his sling bag.

The mighty "trembling" arm can support his bag and the bag never tremble leh!

Stupid conman. My bibu almost gave in and asked me don't be so bad. But these people are heartless in the first place. Seriously.

And those people selling tissue paper, sorry, but I think it's just a easy business to do, not helping you too by buying.