Tuesday, May 05, 2009

This is it. I'm not going to censor your country's name.

After another brainwrecking exam, I craved for a good meal. Only to be destroyed by a restaurant hiring mostly servers from China. Well it doesn't help that the woman just pointed to the menu against the wall and asked us to see for ourselves that the menu's THERE, ON THE WALL. We haven't even got our ass on the seat you bitch. Don't mess with hungry souls like me.

But the ultimate annoyance comes from the fact that when we speak English and the male server did not understand, he replied in Mandarin so confidently, not answering our questions.

I hate that smug confidence. Can't you just say 'I don't understand, let me check with somebody.????' Stop gibbering with that thick accent and anyhow hamtum answer our queries. It's not your hometown cuisine anyways. Its Japanese dishes we're talking about here. FYI, I would gladly speak Mandarin in Crystal Jade.

And one last incident to sum up the night, the SBS driver stopped at the side of the road on expressway and asked us passengers whether he was driving in the correct direction. He spoke in accented Mandarin. And a fellow China construction worker who probably commutes on a daily basis on this bus service number, had to direct him.

You might just not get home one day with the bus! Ditch public transport!

But I got no money to get my own transport. =(

* I just don't have good experiences with PRCs.