Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What are you tired of?

Few minutes ago I found Osocio through a Tweet by springwise. It’s a site that features social advertising and non-profit campaigns around the world. Then like any other new media wannabe, I immediately hook them up on Twitter and Facebook.

One of the first few tweets from Osocio was this website which goes “I’m tired of….”

It’s not asking about the nitty gritty things in your personal life which you’re tired of. (I’m tired of my internship right now)

It’s asking about global issues that you’re “tired” of.  They sell bracelets and shirts, and 50% of profits goes donated from a good cause. Their bracelets are pretty neat, and they have a flat shipping regardless of quantity. What is more they allow charities/ organizations to order their bracelets at a cheaper price, sell them, and the profits goes into fund raising.


I immediately thought of how, in NUS, for a charity fundraising, it’s always  TEESHIRTS that people won’t wear out proud, some STALE DOUGHNUTS, some BUTTONS, some CARDS….

Maybe Imtiredonline can do the trick. I would gladly buy their bracelets, made from recycled rubber tyres and metals. Looks good too. Save the environment at the same time.

NUS little fundraisings are sometimes kinda lame.


I have always been a closet cufflink fan but have never gotten one. I admire the designs, but I can’t wear it simply because I’m not a guy.


Click picture above to get to seller’s page

But Gearcrave on Twitter showed me this and I had to buy it. Like ASAP when I saw it past midnight last night. What should I use it for? Hmm.

This post is actually to tell Sharon: Perhaps you can get for KC too before it’s gone!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

353463 more



1 month plus more till the end of internship

20 more days to KL shopping + eating + meeting Edith

11 more days to OTOT

7 more days to getting my hair shaved and be bald for hair for hope

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Boobs from Twitter

The first mail on the list was somebody following me on Twitter. I thought it would be some random donzos who treats twitter like old skool friendster, adding 101 friends they don’t know look like they have a lot of friends.

Today was perhaps no different, except…

When I went to her website from twitter, I was greeted by….


Her boobs. Wow. Those interested just ask me for the website, or perhaps some of you already know. Not porn, just a nude model.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


chaosSays all.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Via Ferrata


@ Orchard Central. Go now, promo’s 5 a climb. Gonna go again with Wan Ting!

Ipod touch/ Iphone applications are amazing and amusing

I’m on a rampant catching up on ipod touch applications online and there’s always many applications I’ll be curious and download.

My module mate Fuzzy once told me that she slept in the train and it went till the end and back. If she has an ipod/iphone she can use this:


Station Alarm SG

Just set which station you are and which station you are alighting at, then sleep/snore like nobody’s business.

NYC has similar application though I daresay their picture is…much better:


NYC subway snooze

Sad to say I downloaded neither. Not a train person in Singapore.

I downloaded free books, free travel guides, free language guides, and free things like


So that Brenda Then can have a virtual Puffy.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

For those with cars


Those who drives might find this kinda cool, with petrol prices roundups, reports and discussions on current promotions and discounts.

And it lists the petrol stations island wide.

Something good for the us – the budget people.

I don’t have a car and I still want that skateboard…

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Arniko skateboard



Top on my wish list. Skateboard from Nepal, perfect for cruising down my friendly neighborhood!

Monday, June 08, 2009

The battle of subs


I remember telling Brenda that there’s this advertisement on TV that blatantly claim that it is better than subway. That was when I was staying in the States. This sandwich chain has super lame commercials, invites gay connotations, racism or simply porn-ish.

I can’t find the one I watched last year, but this one’s similar.






And this is the one that got banned. Don’t watch it without earphones, the moaning is super disturbing.


Anyways Quiznos is in Singapore, with one at Far East Square and another’s going to be at Orchard Central. Speaking of which, you should really go Orchard Central now with the low crowd and get a breathtaking view of orchard road from the 7th level. Mini Empire State-like!

But the best subs I have tasted was Potbelly Sandwich Works and Brenda got to try that when we went Baltimore! By pure luck, they had an outlet there. My first Potbelly was in Chicago and the bread was sooooooo good.




I bet I will still love Potbelly after trying Quiznos.



Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Kill cockroach

Wan Ting wants me to kill cockroaches everyday, from my 22nd till she gets me another geeky/funky stuff.

IMG_5053 So now I have some big ass cockroach on my desk.


And a sign which…. I cannot possibly put at my door.