Monday, June 08, 2009

The battle of subs


I remember telling Brenda that there’s this advertisement on TV that blatantly claim that it is better than subway. That was when I was staying in the States. This sandwich chain has super lame commercials, invites gay connotations, racism or simply porn-ish.

I can’t find the one I watched last year, but this one’s similar.






And this is the one that got banned. Don’t watch it without earphones, the moaning is super disturbing.


Anyways Quiznos is in Singapore, with one at Far East Square and another’s going to be at Orchard Central. Speaking of which, you should really go Orchard Central now with the low crowd and get a breathtaking view of orchard road from the 7th level. Mini Empire State-like!

But the best subs I have tasted was Potbelly Sandwich Works and Brenda got to try that when we went Baltimore! By pure luck, they had an outlet there. My first Potbelly was in Chicago and the bread was sooooooo good.




I bet I will still love Potbelly after trying Quiznos.