Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What are you tired of?

Few minutes ago I found Osocio through a Tweet by springwise. It’s a site that features social advertising and non-profit campaigns around the world. Then like any other new media wannabe, I immediately hook them up on Twitter and Facebook.

One of the first few tweets from Osocio was this website which goes “I’m tired of….”

It’s not asking about the nitty gritty things in your personal life which you’re tired of. (I’m tired of my internship right now)

It’s asking about global issues that you’re “tired” of.  They sell bracelets and shirts, and 50% of profits goes donated from a good cause. Their bracelets are pretty neat, and they have a flat shipping regardless of quantity. What is more they allow charities/ organizations to order their bracelets at a cheaper price, sell them, and the profits goes into fund raising.


I immediately thought of how, in NUS, for a charity fundraising, it’s always  TEESHIRTS that people won’t wear out proud, some STALE DOUGHNUTS, some BUTTONS, some CARDS….

Maybe Imtiredonline can do the trick. I would gladly buy their bracelets, made from recycled rubber tyres and metals. Looks good too. Save the environment at the same time.

NUS little fundraisings are sometimes kinda lame.