Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Countdown. what, again?

Aiya, to be honest I never liked countdowns (I did in earlier post). When I was in Secondary school, the teachers like to flash this proudly done banner with slots to dump the numbers in descending order at the assembly area. Those speaking will be one stairs up and the banner is right in front of them facing us, which is really pressurizing.

Then there’s countdown to New Year, Chinese New Year, Christmas, where everyone screams for joy for that miraculous half hour. Last time, I never knew what to feel. My family+ extended family has this habit of shaking hands at my Grandma’s place when counting down for Chinese New Year. Everytime somebody shook hands with me, I feel like crying. Cry because I was very stupid to know how to respond to people, and don’t know whether to be happy or sad. Maybe I was too inward and depressed or something.

Now, I don’t feel like crying; I put my bestest smile on and be crazily excited.


And now, countdowns are the best thing to do when you just want things to arrive or things to go away.

Like my internship. GO AWAY

Like KL trip. This weekend. FASTER LEH!