Wednesday, July 15, 2009


A laptop for my dad.

He told my mom it’s too slow. 513MB RAM for a basic user, TOO SLOW.

Should have guessed it since he uses the desktop over the laptop.

My sister doesn’t help, from the start say this com has lesser speed, very slow. She say gonna put one RAM in, up till now I don’t hear it.

No heavy applications, how can it be slow?

Pay bills for my mom.

I absorb the hubstation rental.

She never pay me back for two months. (April/May bill)

Now it’s two months worth of bills unpaid (June/July)

Gave me back two months + 1 month.

Told her need one more month, she question about the bill. I use mastercard, I never touched the hardcopy.

I’m helping to pay bill with 50% of my allowance gone one shot and get back very very late.

Hubstation was switched off that day, don’t know by who. Bro complain that day that hubstation cannot record because of the switching off from main power.

My fault is it?

Got things, then come and find me. Shit you all lar.