Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gigantic grasshopper flew into my room

It’s second week into school and the momentum is FAST and boy, it’s mentally draining. Keeping up deadlines after deadlines means staying up late to meet the 12 midnight mark or whatever timing the profs sets the work to be done by.

So in the middle of the night two nights back, I had a company.

IMG_3187 IMG_3186


Some mutated big ass grasshopper flew and landed on my polaroid.

Bad choice to ask my sister to come in and view this marvellous creature, for she screamed when it jumped, flew, and jumped and flew. She screamed as if she was in a haunted house, and my parents FLEW out from their room, jolted up from sleep with her dreadful screamings.


So I decided to make my $2 Daiso display case be of some use:


TADAH! It jumped right into the case.

But I released it when I realized it has the power to jump so forcefully, that it hit the acrylic case and it’s back started bleeding.


One hell of a angry grasshopper.