Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Duper good 4th year

It’s only until now, you’ll see who are the friends buzzing by and forget who you are, who are those who bothers / me bother to drop a text for lunch, a sign of a treasured friendship.

I’ve never knew I could have so many friends, and have found good ones that I will want them to last.

With so many shit things happening around, I know I can still count on you guys.

I do miss having Wan Ting around.

But there’s still very awesome people around me to keep me going, continuing the bitchin’, and keeping me strong.

4th Year will still be good despite having people with too high IQs but simply low EQs.

Either that or it’s clearly a matter of class differences.

But I have a good bourgeoisie friend.

This is such an emo post.

I don’t know how to continue now.

I’m just thankful.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Movie: “9” on 9/09/09 @ 9pm


Makes this day kinda cool, not lame like trying to wake up at 9.09am.

I’m hungry now. Khansama is making very active advertisements on bridges in Singapore:


I want to go!

Tweet + Festival = Twestival! Go have fun!

From Twestivalsg:

Twestivals” –or, Twitter Festivals – are the volunteer-run, charity fundraising events held globally at the same time for people who know each other through the micro-blogging service”

The beneficiary this time is Children's Cancer Foundation.

Tickets are $10, with 5 coupons in $2 form to play some games!

Bibu and I are going! =)

Saturday, September 12, 2009
11:00am - 3:00pm
Chinatown (Right beside Chinatown Complex)
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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Vintage Polaroid Land Camera 800! Finally got it



I have been trying my luck in getting one off ebay but the shipping prices were ridiculous (okay, I admit land camera is VERY heavy) for my pockets to handle, OR it only ships to United States.

Singapore is not in China! I don't pay through sleazy banks. I use Paypal okay.

BUT NOW I HAVE ONE! off Ebay, lugged it back from the post office. Super wrong choice to cycle over to save time and ended challenging myself to balance a 4kg item on one hand and cycle.


The leather carrier…is the exact same size as the box.


Top Grain Cowhide. Moo.

IMG_5528 IMG_5529

Funny lookin’ flashbulbs



Exposure meter, Wink Light (it adds more tons to the already humongous camera), some very pretty instruction cards, and a thirty-five cents magazine.


I managed to open it in a couple of minutes, but took forever to figure out how to close it. There’s a handle on top to carry, when placed horizontally it’s is like having two DSLRS.


Huge times 5-6 compact cameras + much more weight.

Sheesh, photographers sure grow muscles in those days.