Thursday, September 03, 2009

Vintage Polaroid Land Camera 800! Finally got it



I have been trying my luck in getting one off ebay but the shipping prices were ridiculous (okay, I admit land camera is VERY heavy) for my pockets to handle, OR it only ships to United States.

Singapore is not in China! I don't pay through sleazy banks. I use Paypal okay.

BUT NOW I HAVE ONE! off Ebay, lugged it back from the post office. Super wrong choice to cycle over to save time and ended challenging myself to balance a 4kg item on one hand and cycle.


The leather carrier…is the exact same size as the box.


Top Grain Cowhide. Moo.

IMG_5528 IMG_5529

Funny lookin’ flashbulbs



Exposure meter, Wink Light (it adds more tons to the already humongous camera), some very pretty instruction cards, and a thirty-five cents magazine.


I managed to open it in a couple of minutes, but took forever to figure out how to close it. There’s a handle on top to carry, when placed horizontally it’s is like having two DSLRS.


Huge times 5-6 compact cameras + much more weight.

Sheesh, photographers sure grow muscles in those days.