Thursday, November 19, 2009

Been awhile.

Hello people, I thought yesterday was Tuesday, so today’s Wednesday, tomorrow’s Thursday. Which made me missed tuition for the second time in a week! That’s what the lack of sleep does to you.

So Tuesday was spent in school, through the night, in the not so comfy honors room, but with awesome people around. Essay spent arguing with each other, almost punching each other, accepting each other’s opinion, grammar got corrected by English teacher to be Emily, then rephrased to match our lower standard, eat prawn crackers, cups of hot drink, sushi, blah.

5AM, Matt announced that it was the peak for meteor shower, we ran, left our soon to be done essay, climb up to the rooftop, stared at the brightly lit sky, Singapore is too fucking bright, we stared and somebody exclaimed there really was meteors, we tuned our eyesight to 100000% max, really have, lots of them, it’s like a TV tuning gone wrong with the fizzles. Can’t stop exclaiming how amazing it was, and for a moment, we were damn happy. At 5 am in the morning.


Best night, best honours time ever for now.

We watched this clip that same night and the song got into my head.