Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The sun so bright it woke me up

Where’s the gloomy weather? The sun literally shone on my ass today, it’s a sign I shouldn’t concussed any longer and be productive. But with one last paper dangling, I so wanna look beyond that and think of what can be done after exams.

I know… I have The Wine Company date with the 50th this Friday. They are the fastest post exam planners, booking everybody wayyyy beforehand. But so sad, I’m like the last person on earth (amongst them) to finish exam.

I wanna go visit Noah’s Ark again.

I am going Penang. Grandma!

I am determined to set up our own site.

I am so looking forward to picking up my dear G9 again. Oh dear G9 how I miss you and you are going around the world with me again! Love you don’t be upset ok.

I am…taking driving test before I go Penang.Bless me.

Speaking of blessings, I forgot to bring my good luck amulet to school for first two papers. Which might explain why I might screw up the papers. Felt more assured when I brought it for subsequent papers. Thanks Effie! Haha now I can’t do without it. And Spongebob has been watching me write in the exam hall. He better don’t screw me up. HAHAHA.

Christmas…..I want cash leh. I’m having deficits which are cutting so deep, I’m suffering from debts of roughly the same percentage as Dubai right now. I need a bailout. Driving is costly, allowances is merely enough to pay my concessions and bills, I see $0 every month.

GAHS! how to have fun when every spending equals to negative infinity? @#$%@^%#&.

Last night, I watched a marvellous sand painter. Pretty Ukranian artist! And what good story she tells. AMAZING.


Ok go study already.